IE 398

This website is for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign students for the Spring 2022 IE 398 – Simulation course. As a reminder, if you are a registered student, you may find all information about the class in Canvas. Please also join our discussions on Piazza!

Meeting times

Our class meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 pm at 2100 Sidney Lu Link Mechanical Engineering Building.


The syllabus of the course for Spring 2022 can be accessed through here.


The grading rubric for Spring 2022 is the following:

Activity Weight
Lab assignments 20%
Midterm exam 1 20%
Midterm exam 2 20%
Final exam 30%
Term project 10%
Total 100%

Using simulation to predict the final letter grade

In earlier years, we used simulation techniques to “predict” the final letter grade of a student early on!

2020 and 2021 ONLY Students in the class: please visit the website to see a simulation of potential outcomes for your final letter grade, depending on your performance to date. For example, if your user id is 12345678, then you'd visit and you'd see your potential grade outcomes.

An example of the outcomes a students would see 

The red dashed line shows the credit/no credit (CR/NC) threshold. This student seems to be in good shape and has a B in the class so far. Look at the areas for an A, a B, and a C: they reveal probabilities of getting each grade. That said, this is a simulation, which means the student could very well end up with a D in the class if they do terribly bad in the final exam. Recall that the simulation is only considering scenarios based on the past performances of the student in the class (previous exams, lab assignments, projects, etc.). Enjoy!